Please refer to the below table for information on the 2016 UQ School, Institute and Faculty 3MT Events:

Faculty / School / Institute

Date / Time



Faculty of Business, Economics and Law - FINAL (view winners)

Friday 12 August, 2pm

Seminar Room 275, Global Change Institute

Andrea Martin / research@bel.uq.edu.au

School of Business (view winners)

Friday 15 July, 1pm

Room 105, Colin Clark Building (#39)

Julie Cooper / j.cooper@business.uq.edu.au

School of Economics (view winners)

Friday 15 July, 10am

School of Economics Boardroom, Level 6, Colin Clark Building (#39)

Alys Hohnen / rhd.economics@uq.edu.au 

School of Law (view winners)

Friday 15 July, 2pm

Seminar Room 442, GPN3 (#39A)

Claire Ritchie / c.ritchie@law.uq.edu.au

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology - FINAL (view winners)

Tuesday 16 August, 2:30pm

Room 502, Advanced Engineering Building (#49)

Kimberley Nunes / research@eait.uq.edu.au

School of Architecture (view winners)

Wed 22 June, 11am

Room 601, Michie Bldg

Brit Winnen / arch.rhdadmin@uq.edu.au

School of Chemical Engineering (view winners)

Wed 20 July, 10am

AIBN Building 75, Level 1 Seminar Room (75-132)

Siu Bit Iball / rhdadmin@chemeng.uq.edu.au

School of Civil Engineering (view winners)

Thursday 14 July, 2pm

AEB Seminar Room 49-502

Jeannette Watson / rhdadmin@civil.uq.edu.au

School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering (view winners)

Friday 29 July, 11:30am

AEB Seminar Room (49-502)

Laura Misiak / rhdoffice@itee.uq.edu.au

School of Mechanical & Mining Engineering (view winners)

Friday 1 July, 10:30am

Room 102, Frank White Bldg (#43)

Kristin Greer / rhdadmin@mechmining.uq.edu.au

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences - FINAL (view winners)

Thursday 18 August, 3pm

The Terrace Room, Level 6, Sir Llew Edwards Building (#14)

Alisa Pratt / habs.research@uq.edu.au

School of Health & Rehabilitation Science

Friday 29 July, 1pm

Room 406, Therapies Annex (#84A)

Hayley Sycz / rhdadmin.shrs@uq.edu.au

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences (view winners)

Friday 12 August, 12pm

Room 219, Human Movement Studies Building (#26B)

Deb Noon/Sally Goodwin / hmns.rhd@uq.edu.au

School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

Friday 22 July, Time TBC


Natalie Cowley / nmsw.research@uq.edu.au

School of Pharmacy (view winners)

Tuesday 12 July, 2pm

PACE Auditorium

Myrtle Sahabandu / research@pharmacy.uq.edu.au

School of Psychology

Friday 29 July, 11am

Room 204, McElwain Psychology Building

Alison Pike / rhdadmin@psy.uq.edu.au

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - FINAL (view winners)

Friday 19 August, 10:30am

Seminar Room, AIBN (#75)

Justin Nicholls / research@hass.uq.edu.au

School of Education (view winners)

Thursday 11 August, 1pm


Michelle Weston / rhdeducation@uq.edu.au

School of Communication & Arts (view winners)

Wed 22 June, 11am

Room 601, Michie Bldg (#09)

Jane Stadler / j.stadler@uq.edu.au

School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry

Friday 22 July, 2pm

Forgan Smith Building, E302

Judy King / rhd-hapi@uq.edu.au

School of Languages & Cultures (view winners)

Thursday 11 August, Time TBC


Katrina Hume / postgrad.slccs@uq.edu.au

School of Music (view winners)

Wed 22 June, 11am

Room 601, Michie Bldg (#09)

Elizabeth Farrington / musicrhd@uq.edu.au

School of Political Science & International Studies (view winners)

Friday 5 August, 10:45am

Room 537, General Purpose North (#39A)

Vanessa Salam / rhd.polsis@uq.edu.au

School of Social Science (view winners)

Tuesday 19 July, 3:30pm

Room 443, Level 4, Michie Building (#09)

Alison Buckley / pgsocialscience@uq.edu.au

Institute for Social Science Research (view winners)

Monday 15 August, 12:15pm

Room 201, Cycad Building (#1018), Long Pocket

Lisa Pope / issrpgao@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences - FINAL (view winners)

Friday 5 August, 2:30pm

Main Auditorium (level 2), UQCCR

Grace Raki / mbs.research@uq.edu.au

School of Biomedical Sciences (view winners)

Friday 29 July, 4pm

QBI Auditorium

James Mather / sbms-rhd@uq.edu.au

School of Medicine (view winners)

Friday 15 July, 1pm

Main Auditorium (level 2), UQCCR

Maxine Wienert / rhd@som.uq.edu.au

Child Health Research Centre (CHRC) Wed 27 July, 10am Lvl 5 Seminar Room, CCHR Building (62 Graham Street, South Brisbane) Kate Gadenne / k.gadenne@uq.edu.au

School of Public Health (view winners)

Thursday 21 July, 1pm

Room 325, Mayne Medical Building (0883), Herston

Ali Bath / rhd@sph.uq.edu.au

UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) (view winners) Friday 22 July, 11am Main Auditorium (level 2), UQCCR Roheen Gill / r.gill2@uq.edu.au

The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (view winners)

Friday 17 June, 2pm

Auditorium, Translational Research Institute

Angela Bestard / di.pgao@uq.edu.au

Faculty of Science - FINAL

Friday 19 August, 3pm

AIBN Seminar Room (#75)

Whitney Woods / w.woods@uq.edu.au

School of Agriculture & Food Sciences (St Lucia) (view winners)

Wed 22 June, 10am

Room S301, Hartley Teakle Bldg (#83), St Lucia Campus

Kaye Hunt / safs_rhd_admin@uq.edu.au

School of Agriculture & Food Sciences (Gatton) (view winners)

Thursday 23 June, 10:30am

Room 153, Animal Studies Bldg, Gatton Campus

Keryn Eaton / safs_rhd_admin@uq.edu.au

School of Biological Sciences

Friday 5 August, Time TBC


Amanda Niehaus / a.niehaus@uq.edu.au

School of Chemistry & Molecular Bioscience

Monday 15 August, 3pm

AIBN Level 1 Seminar Room (#75)

Abigail Downie / rhd@scmb.uq.edu.au

School of Earth Sciences

Thursday 28 July, 5pm

Room 232, Steele Building

Tara Clark / rhd.coordinator@earth.uq.edu.au

School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Management

Wed 20 July, 10am

Room 519, Chamberlain Building

Kirsten Skinner / postgrad.gpem@uq.edu.au

School of Mathematics & Physics (view winners)

Thursday 4 August, 4pm

Room 407, Physics Annexe (#6)

Murray Kane / PGcoordinator@smp.uq.edu.au

School of Veterinary Science (view winners)

Friday 29 July, 1:15pm

Room 211, Food Science and Technology Building (John Mahon Food Studies Complex, Stage II)

Annette Winter / vet_rhd@uq.edu.au

Institutes - FINAL 

Wed 17 August, 1:30pm

AIBN Seminar Room, Lvl 1 (#75)

Rosa Armitage / qaafi_rhd@uq.edu.au

Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology

Tuesday 9 August, 1pm

AIBN Seminar Room (#75)

Tony Miscamble / t.miscamble@uq.edu.au

Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) (view winners)

Friday 29 July, 3pm

Centre for Advanced Imaging Seminar Room, Lvl 2, Bldg 57

Lorine Wilkinson / l.wilkinson@uq.edu.au

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Friday 29 July, 12pm

QBP Auditorium, Queensland Bioscience Precinct (#80)

Amanda Carozzi / postgrad-office@imb.uq.edu.au

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

Monday 1 August, 10am

Large Seminar Room (3.142), Qld Bioscience Precinct (#80)

Rosa Armitage / QAAFI_RHD@uq.edu.au

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Wed 3 August, 2pm

SMI Level 4 Seminar Room, Sir James Foots Bldg (#47A)

Tess Dobinson / postgrad@smi.uq.edu.au