Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland which challenges research higher degree students to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its significance in just three minutes in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

  • Matthew Thompson

    "Participating in the 3MT competition has been an incredibly valuable experience, one that has changed the way that I think about my PhD. I was forced to consider the social and economic impacts of my research, and how our lives might be improved as a result.

    Seeing the bigger picture gave me new purpose and motivation for all those late nights in the lab."

    Matthew Thompson
    UQ & Trans-Tasman 3MT Winner, 2011

  • "As you progress through your PhD, you really do get lost in the intricate details of your studies and experiments, and you start to lose sight of the bigger picture.

    Participating in the 3MT gave me, not only the opportunity to consolidate my ideas and showcase my research, but to gain external feedback and support. The knowledge that so many people resonate with my research has really motivated me, and I continue with a newly acquired confidence that my research is addressing an important issue."

    Michael Thai
    UQ 3MT Winner, 2013

  • Tim Paris

    "Anytime I go into a job interview in the future I have the best parts of my PhD, the real essence of it, wrapped up in an explanation that even non-specialists can understand. That will be a definite advantage."

    Tim Paris
    University of Western Sydney
    Trans-Tasman 3MT Winner 2012

  • Emma Gagen

    "I was surprised just how many people were actually interested in my research and approached me after my 3MT.

    I found that my family and friends, whom I usually spare from the details of my daily research, were genuinely interested in what I do after listening to me practice my talk or after hearing the presentation on ABC Radio."

    Emma Gagen
    UQ 3MT People's Choice Winner, 2009

  • Will Harrison

    "The main reason I took part in the Three Minute Thesis Competition was to tell a wide audience about my research.

    The fact is that not everyone reads scientific publications, and I feel that as a researcher I have a responsibility to the general public to communicate with them what I do, and what I discover."

    Will Harrison
    UQ 3MT Runner-up, 2010

  • Ryan Stafford

    "I knew participating in 3MT would force me to express my research ideas in a clear and concise way which everyone could understand.

    I would strongly encourage other research students to participate in 3MT. If early career researchers do not possess the skills to present their research in a clear and engaging way, our message, and the implications of our research, could be lost."

    Ryan Stafford
    UQ 3MT Runner-up and People's Choice, 2011

  • Richard Ronay

    "It was a fun experience and a great opportunity to refine the central points of my dissertation. It was also a great opportunity to publicise my research."

    Richard Ronay
    UQ 3MT Winner, 2009

  • Amanda Pearce

    "It is easy to underestimate Australia's research; people should know that cutting-edge research is conducted in this country."

    Amanda Pearce
    UQ 3MT Winner, 2012

  • Vicki Metzis

    "It forced me to think about the big picture, truly define what I do, and how to explain this to others, simply and succinctly."

    Vicki Metzis
    UQ 3MT Finalist, 2010

  • Tina Wu

    "3MT was a good opportunity for me to improve my public speaking skills. It also feels great to know that others are interested in my research work.

    Now I can tell my family and friends or anyone who is interested in my work what my PhD is about in 3 minutes."

    Tina Wu
    UQ 3MT Winner & People's Choice, 2010

  • Ashley Wilkinson

    "My supervisor actually pushed me to participate as I wasn't very confident with giving presentations.

    I found the 3MT competition fantastic as it made me think about how to present my work in a fun and interesting way and in a very short amount of time."

    Dr Ashley Wilkinson
    UQ 3MT Runner-up, 2008

  • David MacDonald

    "I am not surprised by the rapid growth of the Three Minute Thesis Competition. The benefits for competitors are simply too good to pass up.

    Incredible networking opportunities, improved self-confidence, prize money... how can you not get involved?"

    Dr David MacDonald
    UQ 3MT Runner-up, 2009

  • David MacDonald

    "I am the only one in my family to do a research higher degree at uni. I kept picturing I was talking to mum and dad.

    They would lose interest very quickly if I got too technical.  I give people some understanding and try to get them up to speed. Then they can walk away feeling they have learned something."

    Dr Michael Imelfort
    UQ 3MT Winner & People's Choice, 2008


An 80,000 word thesis would take 9 hours to present.

Their time limit... 3 minutes

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